Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How do I contact a label mojoheadz records?

The label team is expanding its presence within the world and appears set to continue making an impact on the market. Mojoheadz remains at the forefront of mind-expanding sounds. 
Clay Clemens [Mojoheadz Artist]
Clay Clemens [Mojoheadz Records | Rave Reviews]
The independent label fosters a feeling of intimacy and inclusion through its artists and boombs - releases!

In order to contact the label Mojoheadz check official website https://mojoheadz.com/ and social media pages https://www.facebook.com/mojoheadz/ and https://www.instagram.com/mojoheadzrec/

Add to that a series of fresh house, trance and techno releases every friday and this independent solidifies itself as most innovative and well-rounded label in the business. If a track meets the music standards, they'll sign you on their label. If your tracks meets a standard their feel suits another label, a release on a sub-label is also possible.

Clay Clemens [Mojoheadz Artist]
Clay Clemens [Mojoheadz Artist]